Our law firm is based in Italy and practices data protection law since 2003 (when entered in to force the first Italian data protection code based on the European directive 95/46/CE) and then, since 2016, started studying the relevant innovations introduced by the GDPR in the approach to data protection.


Since 2003 our firm, and its team, put all its effort in practicing data protection laws and its fascinating, complex and multidisciplinary world.

Since 2018, when GDPR entered in to force, our Firm started to built its experience in practicing GDPR offering its services to company operating in different business fields, working in close contact with IT and cyber security consultants and today its able to assist companies to be compliance to GDPR in the fields where most relevant its data protection.


GDPR compliance services in clinical research and clinical trials are provided by our law firm in partnership with VALOS | Statistical solutionsfor your clinical trial, a CRO company with 10+ years of experience in clinical trials with offices in Europe and US (Boston).
The above partnership, unique in GDPR consulting field, makes our law firm able to provide GDPR compliance services combining law GDPR skills with technical skills in clinical research and clinical trials.

GDPR areas’ of practice


* its due every time a controller or a processor, not established in the European Union, does processing activities related to:

the offering of goods or services, irrespective of whether a payment of the data subject is required, to such data subjects in the European Union or the monitoring of their behavior as far as their behavior takes place within the European Union.